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The Benefits of Kegerator Delivery Services

Whether you are looking for a Kegerator for an office, corporate, restaurant or bar setting, having a Kegerator present can be extremely beneficial to your environment. You may be asking yourself, what exactly is a Kegerator and why should I consider purchasing one? Us at Liquid Life are here to answer all of your questions.


Kegerators are literally mobile refrigerators that are built to hold any sized keg filled with your beverage of choice. Kegerator’s internal hardware is designed to make tapping new kegs and self-serving extremely easy for anyone. Liquid Life’s Kegerators are available in the following categories:

  • Office Kegerators - supplies you and your employees with cold beverages of your choice!

  • Self Serve Kegerators - pour, track and charge guests with our all-in-one kegerators.

  • Venderator Unit - Think a vending machine with taps! We deliver, stock and service the units. Keep our unit at your location and pour, track and charge your customers to share the profits with Liquid Life.


Ever since we can remember, congregating by the jug of water was the perfect excuse for a break in your day - especially when it leads to mingling with your coworkers. At Liquid Life, we hope to bring that notion of life back to office and restaurant settings with our Kegerators. Kegerators not only allow your coworkers to choose the drink they desire, it also provides an efficient amount for a large office or restaurant space. Continue reading to learn more about Kegerator delivery services:

  • Convenient Delivery - our Kegerator delivery service comes directly to your door with the drinks of your choice.

  • Sufficient Amount of Beverages - you’ll never have to worry about running out of beverages for your office or restaurant space.

  • Endless Beverage Options - we offer a variety of beverages in different flavors including; coffee, kombucha, tea, and of course, water.

  • Impress Guests - Kegerators will make your environment very professional and impress guests and clients.

  • Payment Integration - Liquid Life’s payment hardware can integrate with your existing POS system and can accomodate mobile payments, credit and debit cards.

  • No Waste - our Kegerators ensure that consumers only serve the amount they desire, limiting the amount of waste.

  • Reduced Transaction Times - our self-serve taps allow customers to obtain their drink of choice at a quicker and more efficient rate leading to higher sales and more profits.

Committing to our Kegerator delivery service will give your establishment the ability to have us restock your Kegerators as soon as they need it! Not only are you saving time, you are also saving money by not purchasing separate Kegerator equipment on your own. Build relationships in your office by installing our Kegerator technology, you and your thirst won’t regret it!


Whether you have general questions about our Kegerators delivery services or would like to enroll in one of our programs, contact us today or call (424) 297-0298.

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