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  • How long will it take to deliver?
    Please expect 2-4 days to get you on our schedule.
  • Any hidden costs?
    No hidden costs! We are fully transparent with all of our pricing and costs for services.
  • Contracts?
    No contracts! We believe in letting our quality of service to keep our clients. We will never lock you into any contracts short term or long term. It keeps us honest and you happy!
  • Does the keg rental fee include line cleaning, or are we responsible for cleaning our own lines?
    We clean, service, and maintain all the equipment and parts we provide.
  • How much does a 5.5 gal keg usually serve?
    Each 5.5 gallon keg serves approximately 44-58 servings based on 12oz (tall) - 16oz (grande) cup size.
  • What is the total area you need for the installation?
    Depends on the unit that works best for your location (Small, Medium, Large, and Xtra Large). Contact us and we will be happy to give you the dimensions of each unit we offer.
  • What type of outlet/voltage does the kegerator need?
    A regular 3-prong 110V outlet works just fine! No special voltage or plug needed.
  • Do you offer total support and maintenance? Is that any additional cost for that?
    Yes we do and at no extra charge!
  • We are initially thinking about ordering Cold Brew and Kombucha. How long does it last until it goes bad?
    Generally once a keg is tap it is good for around 2-4 weeks depending on the product.
  • How could we try the coffees and kombuchas you carry?
    We offer free sampling/tasting events where we come into your office and give the employees a live demo of what it is like to have a kegerator. We bring a variety of our products for everyone to try and see which ones your office likes best!
  • Can we do a recurring delivery? I would like to avoid the office running out of coffee.
    Yes, we provide many of our clients multiple deliveries per week! Our account managers will work with your office manager to find the best delivery schedule to ensure the office never runs out!
  • Do you offer CO2 & Nitrogen tanks? How often will the tanks need to be replaced?
    Our kegerators come with everything needed to pour, which includes gas tanks of C02 and/or Nitrogen. Each tank of gas can pour around 4-6 kegs before needing a refill.
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