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What Are The Most Popular Office Drinks?

It is pretty safe to assume that if you are entering a professional environment, it is bound to offer a plethora of refreshments of your choosing. It is quite a common practice for businesses to offer beverages to their employees. While it is most popular to see water and coffee offered in office settings, it is a new fad to have endless additional options as well. Continue reading to learn more about the most popular office drinks.


Whether you’re looking for a beverage with caffeine or not, Liquid Life has it! Discover our list of offered beverages that just happen to also be the hottest trending office drinks at the moment.


Offering coffee in an office space is an utter classic. When you think of office coffee do you imagine it black? Possible some cream and sugar on the side? In today’s age, the hottest trending office beverage is cold brew. Containing higher levels of caffeine than traditionally brewed coffee, cold brew is a beverage that office spaces across the nation and the world can’t stay away from.


Many people in office spaces prefer tea over coffee. Whether that is because of taste or the option to choose caffeine-free tea, we’re not sure. Lucky for all of our tea lovers out there, Liquid Life is proud to offer a handful of different tea flavors for our customers to choose from.


Kombucha is another trending office drink that continues to rise for its health benefits. The fermented tea is rich in beneficial probiotics, contains antioxidants, can help kill harmful bacteria and fight against illnesses. Like our teas and coffees, Liquid Life offers several flavors of kombucha for your office space to enjoy.


As popular as water is, sparkling water may even surpass in popularity amongst the professional, millennial population. Liquid Life is excited to offer several flavors of our lightly caffeinated, limitless water. Enjoy a refreshing, sparkling sip on us.


Before deciding what beverages you are going to purchase for your office, explore all of Liquid Life’s drink options available in kegerators to see what will best fit in in your office. If you have any questions at all, please contact us at (424) 297-0298.

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